Transport & Travel + Comparatives


To revise and extend what we are studying in unit 2C...
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  •  Comparatives & Superalatives
Joan is more attractive than Susan
This is the best day of my life.
She felt even worse when she saw him
·  I think Rob is happier now than a year ago.

·        New York is the most exciting city in the world.
·         His biggest desire is to meet Angelina Jolie.
·         Charles is probably the tidiest person I know.

  • What's the comparative of these adjectives? First, think, then, check!
  • interesting
  • weak
  • funny
  • important
  • careful
  • bad
  • big
  • far
  • small
  • polluted
  • boring
  • angry
  • good

  • Further Practice on Comparatives & Superlatives HERE!  


Reading Practice

Today I am giving  you a Reading and a Listening Activity. Enjoy yourselves!

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See key HERE

Listening Practice

Listen to Mr Duncan as you watch, and then decide which eight of the 18 statements are true> in the Powerpoint presentation below!

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Unit 2A

  • Pay a mortgage
  • Get a salary
  • I get an allowance from my dad each weekend
  • Waste money
  • Borrow money from the bank
  • Take out money from the cash machine
  • Cost
  • Can’t afford to buy
  • My savings are low these days
etc (SEE MORE on page 147 of our classbook!)

In our next unit (2A) we are gong to study the Vocabulary of MONEY
And in grammar we’ll revise the present perfect and the past simple.

Some useful activities to start: (Click on the words)