Key Exercise 2A, page 133 - Present Perfect vs Past Simple

a) 1 he hasn't arrived yet; 2 We haven't seen each other; 3 Have you ever written; 4 She's never been to; 5 I lent him €50; 6 I've known them for ten years; 7 What year did you leave; 8 We have already been; 9 she hasn't replied yet; 10 They've lived in that house

b) 1 have you been, started, lived, moved, 've lived 
       2 Has your brother found, 's just started
       3 Have you ever been, went, was, cost


Key: Does swimming make people fat?


Task 2: Crossword

1. motor racing  2. rowing  3. chess  4. fencing  5. basketball  6. table tennis 7. volleyball  8. archery  9.skating  10. shooting  11. tennis  12. boxing  13. judo  14. cycling  15. badminton  16. kayaking  17. swimming  18. sailing  19. waterpolo  20. polo  21. diving  22. football

Task 3: Comprehension

1T; 2F; 3F; 4F; 5T; 6T; 7T

Task4: Vocabulary

1 exercising; 2 cause; 3 calories; 4 crave; 5 appetite; 6 respond; benefit

Task 5: Using words in context

1 carefully; 2 hungry; 3 tend; 4 impact; 5 related; 6 performed



 Hi everyone!

It's time to start the course again. I'm Cristina and I'll be your teacher this year. The presentation will be on Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th next week. I'm looking forward to meeting you. See you soon!

Listening-test practice

Click HERE to listen

Click here to see document

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Are you still there? :-)


It’s  about time to start the new course

We teachers still have lots to do before it all begins, and very little time to do it!

As far as I know, the presentations for the new year will be on September the 6th!

I’ll give you some further information next Monday (the 3rd)

You can also visit the school website  and find out...






Old songs some of us might love! And.. with so much rhythm!

This is the rhythm of the night
 the night -Oh yeah
The rhythm of the night
This is the rhythm of my life- my life
Oh yeah
The rhythm of my life

You put some joy upon my face
Oh sunshine in an empty place
Take me to turn to and babe I'll make you stay

Oh I can ease you of your pain
Feel you give me love again
Round and round we go, each time I hear you say

This is the rhythm of the night
The night, oh yeah
The rhythm of the night
This is the rhythm of my life
My life, oh yeah
The rhythm of my life
- . - .
Won't you teach me how to love and learn
There'll be nothing left for me to yearn
Think of me and burn and let me hold your hand

I don't wanna face the world in tears
Please think again I'm on my knees
Sing that song to me
No reason to repent

I know you wanna say it

This is the rhythm of the night
The night, oh yeah
The rhythm of the night
This is the rhythm of my life
My life, oh yeah
The rhythm of my life
(repeat till fade...)


Keep your English Alive!

Who said we cannot learn while enjoying ourselves?
One Student from NI1 in Alcaravaneras beach ?!!
Keep your English alive in the summer too!

The four links given below will help you do that:

  • Do some READING on lots of different topics HERE
  • Grammar activities HERE
  • Hundreds of exercises on grammar, verbs, vocabulary, listening , reading, phonetics, videos, songs... HERE

Have a nice holiday everyone!!!




Always nice... to read your comments!


Tests, tests, tests (I)

Next week we start with the exams!
Although you already know LOTS about the issue, again I am giving you some advice:

Remember Some of the most TYPICAL serious MISTAKES

 WRONG!                                Should BE: .....ê
Arrive  to
Arrive AT /  IN
We /they   was
We lost/ losed
WE GOT lost
All (the) people
 Everybody + singular verb
Present simple
Past  simple
Past simple/present perfect
Past perfect
After that…/ then…
People was/is
Different things/ different people
english/ spanish
Didn’t went/believed
Didn’t go/didn’t believe
The worse

Decided go/ decided went

Go HERE for some more.



Reading Practice

Hello every one!
Here I am posting a bit of Reading Practice for the exam!

Matching. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the sentences in the appropriate place. There are two sentences which do not fit anywhere.

We  could wear a regular pair of jeans with no holes in them
The reason for this is because of all the social issues going with students.

My opinion on having to wear uniforms in public schools has changed.

There are several reasons public schools should require uniforms

Many schools do have a policy covering the wearing of school clothing.

Another reason uniforms wouldn’t be that bad in public schools is because of how others like to dress to impress

Uniforms can reduce the incidents of bullying and theft

Wearing a uniform in schools doesn’t mean that the uniform has to be a professional style.

Public School Uniforms*


With the years, _____1______I came from a school where I had to wear a uniform. But it was something basic where we had to wear khaki pants with a blue polo shirt. We didn’t have to wear khaki pants all the time, but when we went on field trips it was compulsory to wear them. On a regular day of school,___2____. But we always had to wear a blue polo shirt. But on the first day of each month we had a dress down day. Dress down day didn’t mean that we could wear whatever we wanted, it just meant that we could wear what we wanted as long as it wasn’t trashy or slutty looking.
There were some days when I really wanted to wear what I wanted to, but I wasn’t able to. It was things like that, which I really didn’t like about uniforms. But, when you really think about having to wear a uniform in public schools, it isn’t that bad. 
____3_____Public schools could make the uniforms more casual, just khaki or black pants with a certain colored shirt, or if some schools chose to wear their colors, they could wear simple pants with the colors of their school for their shirts. Such as if your school colors were blue and white, they could wear a pair of jeans with a plain blue or white shirt. Uniforms don’t have to be something over dramatic. 

______4_________. Girls, for example would wear something really short and/or a really revealing top. The boy would take it the wrong way, and that would make the girl seem like a trashy person. Also, for boys, wearing a uniform would keep you out of having the need to be cooler than another individual. Wearing uniforms allows students to get to know how to dress appropriately. 

________5_______.   School uniforms are one of several strategies being used in state schools to restore order in the classroom and safety in the school. In addition to encouraging students to concentrate on learning, rather than on what to wear, uniforms can be social equalizers that promote peer acceptances, as well as school spirit and school pride.   
School uniforms make it easier for students not to worry about what the latest fashion style is and if what they are wearing is going to make them stand out.   This will also stop gangs from flashing their colors and standing out within the school grounds.   Even though the gang members know who belongs to what gang and might not minimize the fights that occur on the school grounds; they are still somewhat controlled by what they wear.   This helps the school by not having daily battles regarding what is appropriate or not for school. 

 ________6________.   If everyone is wearing the same clothes how can you pick on them?   Why steal shoes or clothing from their lockers if everyone has the same shoes or clothing? 
*REMEMBER: 'public' is state school in USA

TEXT Source: OPPapers.com

ANSWERS In comment 1



On 2nd Conditional & Houses :-)

These days we've been looking at the second conditional and the vocabulary of Homes and Houses...
Visit these links for further practice ...

Do some

Practice on

Revise vocabulary

... and watch and listen!

Lyrics to the song HERE

On Opinion Essays.. GO HERE (my sister's blog)
... and happy weekend!



School life

In unit 4A we have been looking at the language of School and Education.

Watch the interesting video below.

Visit this LINK to do some reading practice.

HERE revise the future time clauses.

Happy Easter!



Writing a formal letter/ email

In class we have looked at how to write informal and formal letters or e mails.
Have a look at the document for revision.

Letter Letters NI1

Remember OUR homework for NEXT WEEK:

Imagine you are not good at using computers.
You are living and working in London. You have found a course in a newspaper advert...

Write an e mail to Itech Courses in London, telling them about your computers skills and asking for further information about the course.
Use the language studied in class, especially that of  the last photocopy given (Copy Save & Delete)

Write about 180 words.


I can do whatever I want...

Listen to this love song. What words are missing in the lyrics below?

It's been seven hours and ____1____days
Since you took your love away

I go out every night and sleep _____2____
Since you took your love away 

Since you've  been gone I can do whatever I want
I can see whomever I  _____3____
I can eat my dinner in a fancy _____4_____
But nothing ...
I said nothing can take away these blues,
'Cause nothing compares ...
Nothing compares to you

It's been so ____5____ without you here
Like a ___6___ without a song
Nothing can stop these lonely tears from  _____7____
Tell me baby, where did I go wrong?

I could put my ____8_____  around every boy I see
But they'd only remind me of you

I went to the____9_____ and guess what he told me
Guess what he told me?
He said, girl, you better try to have ___10_____
No matter what you do
But he's a fool ...
'Cause nothing compares ...
Nothing compares to you ...
All the flowers that you ____11____, mama
In the back yard
All died when you went away 

I know that ____12____with you baby was sometimes hard
But I'm willing to give it another try

Nothing compares ...
Nothing compares to you (...x 2)

See answers in comment #1

Now see the revision for the modal verbs in the post below!



You really did a great job, my dear students.

Congratulations to everyone.

Hoping you enjoy these free days!

See you again on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th.


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Cultural Week

15th & 16th February

NOTE: This is not  holiday time yet.
This is by us all and for us all!

HELLO everyone! Next week we'll have two days to enjoy learning in a different way, while we are having more fun than is usual :-)

On Wednesday and Thursday there will be  several activities : competitions, Trivia quizzes, karaoke, cinema, workshops,theatre , musicals, dance, contests and tasting the best cakes from  YOU, students!... and more!

1. BOOKMARKERS: please bring them to the school before Wednesday
Don't forget to write your name and group at the back. 

2.  WHO is WHO? Teachers photos from yesteryears.
3. POEMS: write a poem in 60-80 words (image attached)...
4. MINISAGAS: write a complete story in
    EXACTLY 50 words. People
    will vote the best ones during the week. Give it
    to your teacher before Wednesday too!
5. CAKES: have yours ready for Thursday at
    5.30 p.m. Remember to email your teacher the
    recipe in English. We'll give a booklet with all the recipes to
    everybody who participates!

PRIZES will be given to the best three in all categories.
There will also be prizes for those who just take part in the events!

You'll get further information on Monday.


Improve your listening

For  students who need some extra practice on listening, especially the type Filling in gaps...

.... Click HEREto listen to Rosemary talking about her childhood...

- Click here to print test.

- Click to see KEY.

Another LISTENING Test practice on fill in the gaps.

Click to print or see activity.

Click to listen to the story...

Check answers in class!


Writing Tips

At Intermediate level in EOI you are asked to write two tasks at the exams.

A short one of about 100 words, and a longer one of about 170-200 words.
In the next post you’ll get the rest you need to know.

Types of writing

Notes (apologizing, excusing, thanking, etc), blog comments and short messages…
Giving instructions (how to get to a place, a cooking recipe, how a machine works, etc)
• Informal or friendly letters or emails.
Formal letters or emails ( applying for a job, complaining about a bad service, etc)
Descriptive compositions (about people, places, objects…).
Stories or narrative compositions (about real or imaginary events).
Discursive essays (Opinion essays or ‘for and against’ essays).
Reports ( about news; Reviews about a book, a film, a restaurant, etc).


***Before you start to write any type of composition:

 Think about the topic.
 Make a list of the main points and ideas.
 Think of the vocabulary you can use.
 Think of examples to back up your points.

***After you finish writing, check:

That the format is correct ( an email is different from an opinion essay or a book review).
That all you have been asked to write about is included in your composition.
That you have separated paragraphs, when you present a new idea or point.
That you have linked your ideas using the correct linking words (and, also, but, On the other hand, therefore, although, after that, when,  so, before…)
That you have left margin.
That you have no spelling mistakes and the punctuation is correct.
That you have not made grammar mistakes (verb tenses, prepositions, correct use of modal verbs, articles, etc)
That you’ve made a wide use of the vocabulary studied, especially that which is related to the topic.
That your ideas follow a logical order.
That it is easy to understand by anybody (especially the teacher), because it’s clean and clear.

Writing a story NI1 

 You can open FULL SCREEN to read better!

See Document below for more tips and examples