You really did a great job, my dear students.

Congratulations to everyone.

Hoping you enjoy these free days!

See you again on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th.


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Cultural Week

15th & 16th February

NOTE: This is not  holiday time yet.
This is by us all and for us all!

HELLO everyone! Next week we'll have two days to enjoy learning in a different way, while we are having more fun than is usual :-)

On Wednesday and Thursday there will be  several activities : competitions, Trivia quizzes, karaoke, cinema, workshops,theatre , musicals, dance, contests and tasting the best cakes from  YOU, students!... and more!

1. BOOKMARKERS: please bring them to the school before Wednesday
Don't forget to write your name and group at the back. 

2.  WHO is WHO? Teachers photos from yesteryears.
3. POEMS: write a poem in 60-80 words (image attached)...
4. MINISAGAS: write a complete story in
    EXACTLY 50 words. People
    will vote the best ones during the week. Give it
    to your teacher before Wednesday too!
5. CAKES: have yours ready for Thursday at
    5.30 p.m. Remember to email your teacher the
    recipe in English. We'll give a booklet with all the recipes to
    everybody who participates!

PRIZES will be given to the best three in all categories.
There will also be prizes for those who just take part in the events!

You'll get further information on Monday.


Improve your listening

For  students who need some extra practice on listening, especially the type Filling in gaps...

.... Click HEREto listen to Rosemary talking about her childhood...

- Click here to print test.

- Click to see KEY.

Another LISTENING Test practice on fill in the gaps.

Click to print or see activity.

Click to listen to the story...

Check answers in class!