Tests, tests, tests (I)

Next week we start with the exams!
Although you already know LOTS about the issue, again I am giving you some advice:

Remember Some of the most TYPICAL serious MISTAKES

 WRONG!                                Should BE: .....ê
Arrive  to
Arrive AT /  IN
We /they   was
We lost/ losed
WE GOT lost
All (the) people
 Everybody + singular verb
Present simple
Past  simple
Past simple/present perfect
Past perfect
After that…/ then…
People was/is
Different things/ different people
english/ spanish
Didn’t went/believed
Didn’t go/didn’t believe
The worse

Decided go/ decided went

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Reading Practice

Hello every one!
Here I am posting a bit of Reading Practice for the exam!

Matching. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the sentences in the appropriate place. There are two sentences which do not fit anywhere.

We  could wear a regular pair of jeans with no holes in them
The reason for this is because of all the social issues going with students.

My opinion on having to wear uniforms in public schools has changed.

There are several reasons public schools should require uniforms

Many schools do have a policy covering the wearing of school clothing.

Another reason uniforms wouldn’t be that bad in public schools is because of how others like to dress to impress

Uniforms can reduce the incidents of bullying and theft

Wearing a uniform in schools doesn’t mean that the uniform has to be a professional style.

Public School Uniforms*


With the years, _____1______I came from a school where I had to wear a uniform. But it was something basic where we had to wear khaki pants with a blue polo shirt. We didn’t have to wear khaki pants all the time, but when we went on field trips it was compulsory to wear them. On a regular day of school,___2____. But we always had to wear a blue polo shirt. But on the first day of each month we had a dress down day. Dress down day didn’t mean that we could wear whatever we wanted, it just meant that we could wear what we wanted as long as it wasn’t trashy or slutty looking.
There were some days when I really wanted to wear what I wanted to, but I wasn’t able to. It was things like that, which I really didn’t like about uniforms. But, when you really think about having to wear a uniform in public schools, it isn’t that bad. 
____3_____Public schools could make the uniforms more casual, just khaki or black pants with a certain colored shirt, or if some schools chose to wear their colors, they could wear simple pants with the colors of their school for their shirts. Such as if your school colors were blue and white, they could wear a pair of jeans with a plain blue or white shirt. Uniforms don’t have to be something over dramatic. 

______4_________. Girls, for example would wear something really short and/or a really revealing top. The boy would take it the wrong way, and that would make the girl seem like a trashy person. Also, for boys, wearing a uniform would keep you out of having the need to be cooler than another individual. Wearing uniforms allows students to get to know how to dress appropriately. 

________5_______.   School uniforms are one of several strategies being used in state schools to restore order in the classroom and safety in the school. In addition to encouraging students to concentrate on learning, rather than on what to wear, uniforms can be social equalizers that promote peer acceptances, as well as school spirit and school pride.   
School uniforms make it easier for students not to worry about what the latest fashion style is and if what they are wearing is going to make them stand out.   This will also stop gangs from flashing their colors and standing out within the school grounds.   Even though the gang members know who belongs to what gang and might not minimize the fights that occur on the school grounds; they are still somewhat controlled by what they wear.   This helps the school by not having daily battles regarding what is appropriate or not for school. 

 ________6________.   If everyone is wearing the same clothes how can you pick on them?   Why steal shoes or clothing from their lockers if everyone has the same shoes or clothing? 
*REMEMBER: 'public' is state school in USA

TEXT Source: OPPapers.com

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