Video: "Our House" (Madness)

Our House

a) Listen to the song and write the missing words 1-10. Use the clues (in brackets to help you). Remember that I gave you the photocopy in class!

b) Read the song with the glossary and answer the questions.

a) 1 Sunday; 2 tired; 3 downstairs; 4 Brother; 5 always; 6 Mum; 7 late; 8 shirt; 9 school; 10 happy
b) 1.His memory of his home seems to be positive. He talks about "such a happy time" and he describes his family and home life with affection. However, one line of the song says: Something tells you that you've got to move away from it. Perhaps this is how he felt when he was a teenager and wanted to become independent of his family.
2. busy / clean / crowded / traditional