L.E.G. Intercambio de Idiomas (Language Exchange Group)

Language Exchange: Would you like to join a language exchange group????
 This is your opportunity.

Language Exchange Group (LEG) in English y en español
The Gran Canaria Language Exchange is a great initiative for the whole island created by Spanish and English tutor Theresa Coe (theresacoe@gmail.com)

We provide a cost-free opportunity to improve your conversation in Spanish, English, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian; the list goes on...

Volunteers lead language exchange meetings and parties/events in Las Palmas (six per week), Arucas (Tuesdays), Telde (Thursdays), Arguineguin (Thursdays), Playa del Ingles (Sundays), San Fernando (Tuesdays), Valsequillo (Fridays) and many more eg Spanish conversation club and English conversation club in San Fernando; German-Spanish club in Las Palmas; two French-Spanish clubs in Las Palmas plus two English conversation clubs in the capital. We now have more than 1,000 participants across the island of GRAN CANARIA. To receive weekly emails with details of events, contact: theresacoe@gmail.com 

Or....have a look at this other link http://www.meetup.com/English-Intermediate-Conversation-Group/

You have several options to practise conversation, you just have to choose the most appropriate for you. What are you waiting for?


More Listening Practice


Am All Ears!

Another LISTENING Test practice on fill in the gaps.

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Check answers in class!

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LISTENING- Dangerous Sports

HELLO everyone, 

Today we are going to practise a bit of listening on sports...But not any sports, particularly, winter ones. It is important that you read about it first before you try to fill in the text for the activity...

A winter sport is a sport commonly played during winter. As a formal term, it refers to a sport played on snow or ice; informally, it can refer to sports played in winter that are also played year-round, such as basketball. The main winter sports are ice hockey and figure skating, sledding events, such as luge, skeleton and bobsleigh, skiing (Alpine and Nordic) and snowboarding

Luge, like the skeleton and the bobsleigh, (see photos) originated in the health-spa town of St Moritz, Switzerland, in the mid-to-late 19th century The first organized meeting of the sport took place in 1883.
The athletes ride in a flat, aerodynamic position on the sled, keep their heads low to minimize air resistance. The sled is steered mainly with the feet by applying pressure on the runners. It takes a precise mix of shifting body weight, applying pressure with feet and rolling the shoulders… 
From Wikipedia

Now,listen to a conversation where the speakers are talking about dangerous sports. As you listen complete the gaps with one or two words.

Click Here and listen

British Amy Williams, a _______1_______and beautiful
woman won a _____2_______ in the last Winter Olympics
because she came first heading down an _______3- ____ at
a speed of _____4_____ kilometers an hour.

The woman says that all winter sports seem to be _____5____ dangerous.
A Georgian ______6_______ on the luge track in the last 
The luge and the skeleton are slightly different. In skeleton 
you go down ___7___ first, and in luge you go down ______8_____first. The bobsleigh is also
done on this track…

Other dangerous winter sports are ski jumping, _________9-_________ and Alpine skiing,
where they go downhill. Here you can also see _____10______crashes.

They both think that it’s that element of danger which makes the sport _____11_____to watch.
But not only winter sports are dangerous. In football last week there was a horrific____12___. 
An Arsenal player broke the _____13___ and fibula of his leg…

______14_______is also considered a very dangerous sport. A _____15____ player had 
a very serious _____16______ injury when he was knocked out by someone of his ___ 17__.

See answers in comment #1Final del formulario


Indirect Speech

These days we have been looking at the indirect or reported speech in class. Here is our ppt.

Visit this link and this one for further practice.


This Week We Celebrate

What do you do on Saint Valentine’s Day?

This has become a great business on behalf of love. But how much do we know about the origins of this celebration?

    The exact person we honor on February 14, St. Valentine, is hidden in the obscurities of the first three centuries of Church history. The feast may be in honor of a priest, Valentine, who was known to counsel and marry young couples.  This was at the time when Roman law persecuted Christians, so Valentine eventually incurred the wrath of Emperor Claudius II and was imprisoned.  When Valentine turned his attention to converting the Emperor himself, Claudius had him put to death.
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Watch and listen:

Remember, this week we celebrate Saint Valentine with a competition/ contest.
Write a love poem, a love story or card. More information at our  school.


Song Listening

I always recommend my dear students to listen to songs in English so as to improve their learning.
This song I've always loved.  I learnt it  by heart when I was only 15! 
Today I wanted to share it with all of you.
I hope you like it too!

  My   Melancholy Blues  (Freddie Mercury)
Another party's over
And I'm left cold sober
My baby left me for somebody new
I don't wanna talk about it
Want to forget about it
Wanna be intoxicated with that special brew
So come and get me
Let me
Get in that sinking feeling
That says my heart is on an all time low - so
Don't expect me
To behave perfectly
And wear that sunny smile
My guess is I'm in for a cloudy and overcast
Don't try and stop me
'Cause I'm heading for that stormy weather soon
I'm causing a mild sensation
With this new occupation
I'm permanently glued
To this extraordinary mood, so now move over
And let me take over
With my melancholy blues
       ¯ ¯¯

I'm causing a mild sensation
With this new occupation
I'm in the news
I'm just getting used to my new exposure
Come into my enclosure
And meet my melancholy blues.                                      CHEERS,  FREDDIE, wherever you are!  J
[LIVE Concert, here]


Enjoy yourselves this weekend




Unit 3B- Vocabulary


Preposition with Adjective

1. List of common adjectives and the prepositions that normally follow them
accustomed to
afraid of
fed up with
attached to
aware of
capable of
dependent on
different to/from
worried about
enthusiastic about
excited about
famous for
fond of
guilty of
interested in
keen on
opposed to
pleased with
popular with
proud of
related to
rude to
satisfied with
serious about
similar to
suitable for
suspicious of
used to (= accustomed to)

Preposition with Verb

2. Some common verbs and the prepositions that normally follow them

  1. stare at (= look at)
  2. wait for
  3. choose between
  4. pay for
  5. ask about
  6. ask for
  7. speak/talk about
  8. speak/ talk to
  9. believe in
  10. know about
  11. look into
  12. think about/of
13.  depend on
14.  remind of
15.  apologize for
16.  arrive in/ at
17.  laugh at/ with
18.  dream about
19.  argue about
20.  spend on
  1. worry about
  2. look like
  3. listen to 

Practise further: 

and HERE