Unit 3B- Vocabulary


Preposition with Adjective

1. List of common adjectives and the prepositions that normally follow them
accustomed to
afraid of
fed up with
attached to
aware of
capable of
dependent on
different to/from
worried about
enthusiastic about
excited about
famous for
fond of
guilty of
interested in
keen on
opposed to
pleased with
popular with
proud of
related to
rude to
satisfied with
serious about
similar to
suitable for
suspicious of
used to (= accustomed to)

Preposition with Verb

2. Some common verbs and the prepositions that normally follow them

  1. stare at (= look at)
  2. wait for
  3. choose between
  4. pay for
  5. ask about
  6. ask for
  7. speak/talk about
  8. speak/ talk to
  9. believe in
  10. know about
  11. look into
  12. think about/of
13.  depend on
14.  remind of
15.  apologize for
16.  arrive in/ at
17.  laugh at/ with
18.  dream about
19.  argue about
20.  spend on
  1. worry about
  2. look like
  3. listen to 

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