Revision Unit 1C

Click here to find and revise some personality adjectives, with definitions and exercises.

• easygoing
• ambitious
• cheerful
• hardworking
• trustworthy
• impatient
• optimistic
• sensitive
• moody
• sociable
• indecisive
• reserved
• lazy
• attentive
• punctual
• humorous
• modest
• bossy
• intelligent
• impulsive
• considerate
• imaginative
• independent
• selfish
• self-confident
• responsible
• talkative

Now The Future
Future NI1

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In Unit 1B we are studying how to tell a story in English by using the appropriate past tenses, that is, past simple, past continuous or past perfect...
This is the powerpoint we saw in class. Next day we are going to tell a story related to sports (see page 9 > Speaking...)


A Recipe...

Joan of Arch sent us this delicious recipe to make Fideuá... Now is your TURN!!!


Rec Eta

Thanks a lot, Joan !

And now how to make a delicious English Trifle!



Hello everyone!

In class you have been given a 'secret' name to keep you anonymous during the year. Only the teacher knows who you really are!

That name is the name of an icon in the English culture.

Everytime you write a comment in this blog you will use that name, so that I know who is writing... but not your partners.

Today is the day when we are going to introduce ourselves through a small biography.

I've written two examples myself, about US president Franklin D. Roosevelt and American actress Susan Sarandon.


How to do it:

- Click on comments
- Write or copy your biography, then tick on Name/URL
- Write your 'false name' (URL is not necessary)
- Write the word verification and PUBLISH COMMENT!
:-) :-)