Improve your Writing Skill (I)

At Intermediate level in EOI you are asked to write two tasks at the exams.

A short one of about 100 words, and a longer one of about 170-200 words.
Today I am giving you only some writing examples of writing types we’ve already seen in class together with a book review.

In the next post you’ll get the rest you need to know.

Types of writing

Notes (apologizing, excusing, thanking, etc), blog comments and short messages…
Giving instructions (how to get to a place, a cooking recipe, how a machine works, etc)
• Informal or friendly letters or emails.
Formal letters or emails ( applying for a job, complaining about a bad service, etc)
Descriptive compositions (about people, places, objects…).
Stories or narrative compositions (about real or imaginary events).
Discursive essays (Opinion essays or ‘for and against’ essays).
Reports ( about news; Reviews about a book, a film, a restaurant, etc).


***Before you start to write any type of composition:

 Think about the topic.
 Make a list of the main points and ideas.
 Think of the vocabulary you can use.
 Think of examples to back up your points.

***After you finish writing, check:

That the format is correct ( an email is different from an opinion essay or a book review).
That all you have been asked to write about is included in your composition.
That you have separated paragraphs, when you present a new idea or point.
That you have linked your ideas using the correct linking words (and, also, but, On the other hand, therefore, although, after that, when,  so, before…)
That you have left margin.
That you have no spelling mistakes and the punctuation is correct.
That you have not made grammar mistakes (verb tenses, prepositions, correct use of modal verbs, articles, etc)
That you’ve made a wide use of the vocabulary studied, especially that which is related to the topic.
That your ideas follow a logical order.
That it is easy to understand by anybody (especially the teacher), because it’s clean and clear.


If you need some extra practice, why don’t you try one of these?

a) Your friend has sent you an email, telling you she cannot go out with you tonight because she has a terrible stomachache.
Write back and give her some advice:
- Greet her.
- Feel sorry for her.
- Tell her what to eat, do and what not to.
- Close pleasantly.
(180 words)

b) Write a review of a book you’ve read recently. (About 180 words)

c) Your best friend is living in Switzerland and has sent you a beautiful silver watch for your birthday!
Send him/her a thank you note. (About 90 words)

See Document below for more tips and examples 

You can write your compositions and put them in the comments to this post, if you don’t, please, write saying you’ve read this post and give your opinion about it, or anything!


WRITING (I)                                                            


  1. Hi Dulce! I've been reading the post and I am going to try to print it because it is very ussefull as reference. See you on tuesday!

  2. WRITING A: Your friend has sent you an email, telling you she cannot go out with you tonight because she has a terrible stomachache.
    Hi Mary!

    I’m sorry for you, it’s a pity we can’t meet tonight but don’t worry because I ‘m going to stay in this hotel for a week and then I’m going to move to another in the countryside. We can meet before I leave the city. But if you are boring at home and you don’t want to be alone I don’t mind to visit you. We could see a film together.Think it and if you have mood, call me.

    Maybe you have an indigestion if you have been eating a lot at your sister’s birthday. I advice you cutting down on eating and drinking only fluids today. If you like it you can drink an infusion of Camomila tea, when I feel sick it helps me a lot. Tomorrow, when you feel better you can eat little by little and in small amounts. You should avoid foods containing milk and spcicy food. You can eat soft meals like a soup or some streamed vegetables. The day after you can add meat like chicken but I think it’s better roast. I hope this can help you, but if you feel worse you should go to the doctor.

    I hope you feel better soon
    Take care


  3. John Fitzgerald Kennedy14 February 2011 at 20:59

    Hi comrades, I hope you are well! We have no excuse now, we have the tools and the references! No time to rest! XD

  4. Your best friend is living in Switzerland and has sent you a beautiful silver watch for you birthday! Send him a thank you note (About 90 words)

    Dear Richard,

    In spite of I’m missing you a lot, I’m so happy you’ve found such wonderful job in Switzerland. You must be so pleased!

    Rich, you’re so sweet to remember my big day! I was trying to forget it but when your gift arrived, I was actually glad it really was my birthday.

    What a gorgeous silver watch! It looks like something from a luxurious jeweller’s I could never afford. It’s so elegant and trendy, I can wear it anywhere. Thank you for your thoughtful gift!

    I hope you’re having a great time there and you send me an email to tell me everything.

    Love always,

  5. Hi!thanks a lot for this!It´s very useful, I needed it!
    One thing, can´t I give you my writting in class?

  6. ups! I´m Anne Boleyn, I forgot to write my name in the comment lol

  7. Your best friend is living in Switzerland and has sent you a beautiful silver watch for you birthday! Send him a thank you note (About 90 words)

    Dear Braulio,
    I'm really happy and amazed after getting your gift. But, are you mad? It´s a beautiful watch that i´d like to accept it but it´s very expensive too. And don't tell me that it´s cheaper in Switzerland than Spain.
    I'm very grateful to you for your gift but I´m afraid I won´t be able to accept it and I hope that you´ll be able to understand it and you aren´t going to get angry. I need to know a sure address where I can bring the silver watch.
    Thanks again and I hope see you soon.

  8. John Fitzgerald Kennedy15 February 2011 at 22:24

    Dear Mary,

    I have read from your terrible stomachache, I really hope you get well soon. Don´t hesítate calling me if you need any help, I´ll be pleased to offer my help to you.

    Why you suddenly felt so sick? As I remember you were yesterday evening quite well, weren´t you? Do you remember if you ate anything badly conserved or poorly cooked? Well, it doesn´t matter now. By the moment you may take some painkiller wheter you feel really bad, but I think having some vegetables, fruits and soups you will be recovered early for sure. Try to avoid meals with a large amount of lipids like those with sauces or fried ones, it will reduce the secretion of acid in your stomach and thus you will feel better.

    I must thank you for telling me that you can´t go out tonight with me, however you have to promise me that as soon as you get well, we´ll go out together, I have been waiting long time to tell you what I feel about you!

    I can´t wait to see you, I just need you fully recovered!

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  9. John Fitzgerald Kennedy15 February 2011 at 22:53

    b) Write a review of a book you’ve read recently. (About 180 words)

    In a society being exponentially more and more advanced in what technological and human rights refers, apart from other issues of course, what have we done with our moral and ethical principles?, but what it is more important, from where are next generations adquiring this essential statements?

    One answer is coming from the Holy Bible, the basic compendium in Occident that summarizes either all we have to do and what not to do. The truth is that this book has been suspected to be writen by people who was directly under the holy influx of God. Indeed, this book reflects and tries to perform how to be a real Christian practitioner. But further, it constitutes and defines a serious work, not instantaneously but progressively, hard and strongly sacrified to get purity and to live in armony with our peers.

    As I see it, the Holy Bible greatly consider people is able and must be able to tear off any seed of evil from the heart. In addition, it talks about stories in what Jesus, the figure of God as a human being, was immersed and how he solved them. Finally he trully was killed without any reason, unfairly, just for inconspicuous thoughts from population.

    I strongly recommend you all this book, even you do not feel Christian, you will experiment the root of evil and the most deep feeling of peace and love to people from around you.

  10. guau!!! or is it WOW?
    That Kennedy wrote two!
    I think he is good at writing, or he knows how to write, he managed to write two and he is brilliant at doING this!
    What do you think Dulce teacher?
    Ihavent been able to write anything yet i'll send you an email-ok?

  11. Hi Scarlet,

    One minute ago, I received and read your email and I knew about your terrible stomachache. I'm really sorry, because I had planned a night very specially for ours. A friend told me that you was a Lady Gaga's fan and I had bought two tickets for her concert this night in Madrid. It was very difficult get them, but you don't have to worry because I'm sure that our friend Mary will be happy to go with me.

    How it's the second time that you have a stomachache when we have stayed to go out I 'd like to give you some advices.

    Firstly, I think you should eat very few foods during five or seven days (e.g. some pieces of fruit and rice soup).

    Secondly, perhaps you should do some sport and that way you might get better your healthy.

    Finally, you should go to bed soon this night and I'm sure that you'll be better tomorrow. I hope so.

    Now, I'm going to call to Mary because the concert is beginning in two hours.

    Best wishes
    PS: I'll send you a photo of the concert with my mobile.

  12. I am sorry but I have seen two mistakes en my email: 'specially' (especially) and 'that you was...' (you were).

  13. HI Dulce,
    I've been reading this post and I think it is very usefull. In my opinion the class in the eoi is not enought to improve our English. We must practice in his blog too, read english book and listening to english speaker and so on.
    Thank you dear

  14. Hello, here my exercises:
    A) Writting A (e-mail)

    1, Bruno Pérez Medina
    Las Palmas GC
    22th February 2011
    Thanks for e-mail, Iwas really sorry to hear your problem.
    First, you must recover, the health is the most important.
    You have to eat boiled rice, vegetables, fish, some of kitchen
    for example and plenty of water. You don't have to eat cheese,
    milk,beef, ribs or something like that. I mean, you don't have to
    eat heavy meals. I would you recommend you relax and tranquility.
    Also you musn´t do exercise, it's dangerous for you stomach. I know
    what I'm saying, I swear, let me say something, the last year I had
    a stomach ache, I hadn't much pain, then I decided did a some exercise,
    I think that was a bad decition. When I started to run I had a terrible
    pain in my stomach, it was horrible. I don´t recomend you that experience.
    If you follow my advice. You fell better, I promise you. Hoping to hear
    from you soon. I wish you get well.
    Best Wishes,

    b) Witting b (Book review)

    Dracula by Bram Stocker

    Dracula was written by Bram Stocker in 26th May 1897 and then made into a film
    a lot of times. The first film was "Nosferatu" in 1922, although the most famous
    film was Coppola's Dracula.

    The histoy is about Jonathan Harker who travels to Transilvania to treat a costumer
    buy, that costumer is Dracula. Jonathan has a terrible experience with him, Dracula
    plains to extend a lot of undead destinated to feed themselves with people and the same
    time they haven't rest in peace. The Dracula's first vistim will be Lucy, girlfriend
    and after Harker's wife. Jonathan try to save her with Van Helsing's help. Van Helsing
    is a doctor who know how to fight against Dracula and his dark forces. Then Van Helsing
    and group of people start a persecution to Dracula, they force to him to leave London.
    Van Helsing destroys caskets that Dracula had to rest at night (at day the day-light
    hurts him). After that Van Helsing and his group follow Dracula until Transilvania to
    destroy him.
    In my opinion I love this book becouse the mix of superstition, seduction, necrophilia
    and ation is amazing and fascinating. The author gets this book be very addictive. If you
    like a good stories, this book is for you. I strongly recommended.

    c) Writting c (Note)

    Hi javier,
    Thanks a lot for sending me so beautiful silver watch for my bithday, It's incredible!
    I love it! i'm going to celebrate my 32th birthday the next saturday in my house. It will
    be all my friends and I hope it will be a big party. I invite you, althought I know you
    live in Switzerland and you will not be able to come.
    Please, Can you do me a favour? Could you send music by email? I ask you that becouse I know
    you are DJ and I suppose you have a lot of good music. Thank you very much. I hope to see you
    Best wishes,