Questionnaire - You and money

Do the questionnaire "You and money" (I gave you in class) and find out more about your relationship with money by checking the results below. 

You're a very generous person and spend money very easily. In fact, you find it
difficult not to spend money. You should try to reduce your spending, especially if you
haven't got any money in the bank. Perhaps you should consider opening a savings
You're usually careful with your money and don't spend money unnecessarily.
However, you don't let money control your life. You can enjoy the benefits of money
but find it difficult to buy something spontaneously. It's OK to splash out on
yourself from time to time!
Over 25
You really love money and one of your ambitions is to have as much money as
possible. If you're not careful, you'll let money control everything you do in your
life. What is more important: having money or having friends?

each "a" answer: 1 point
each "b" answer: 2 points
each "c" answer: 3 points

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